Application for Scholarship

Scholarship Schemes

Every year, the Fund invites application for its scholarship schemes to enable candidates of outstanding calibre to pursue:

  • post-graduate studies at local degree-awarding tertiary institutions; or
  • professional training in music or dance at world-renowned institutions or to undertake less formal studies, projects or creative work outside Hong Kong.

Scope of Scholarship Scheme

The scope of the scholarships is not confined to "performer training programmes", i.e. instrumental music or dance studies. Applicants may apply for non-performing studies directly related to music or dance performance, such as composition, choreography, musicology, arts criticism and performance-based research relating to music and dance.

Please refer to the following links for more details about the Fund’s scholarship schemes for local and non-local studies:

Scholarship Scheme - Local studies Scholarship Scheme - Non-local studies

Application Period

Applications for the Scholarship Schemes 2018-19 is open from 27 November 2017 to 19 January 2018 (6:00 p.m.) (both dates inclusive).

Application Procedure

Completed application forms, with all the required documents and materials, should reach the Secretariat of the Fund by hand or by post at or before 6:00 pm on 19 January 2018.  Late applications will not be considered.

Applicants should submit:

  1. The duly completed application form which should be typewritten (in both hard and electronic copy.  The electronic copy should be saved in Microsoft Word format); and

  2. A CD/DVD containing the electronic copy of the application form and the required materials for the Pre-audition/interview Assessment as detailed in paragraph 13 of the Guidance Notes.  Applicants should ensure that the recording of the CD/DVDs is of good quality.

English version of Application Form, Guidance Notes and Guarantee Form can be downloaded here:


Local Studies

Non-local Studies

Guidance Notes

Application Form
(Music Scholarship)

Form No. (M1)

Form No. (M2)

Application Form
(Dance Scholarship)

Form No. (D1)

Form No. (D2)

(Annex I) Checklist

(Annex II)
Recommendation Letter

Guarantee Form

Concurrent Application

Applicants may apply for both scholarship schemes concurrently, but successful candidates will only be awarded ONE scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions

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For further information, please contact the Secretariat at 3509 7083 during office hours.